The framework that we are using to describe, learn about and understand civic communications continues to evolve. Many questions still need to be explored, such as:
  • How do civic communications principles and indicators of success relate to each other?
  • Are the principles, characteristics, activities, and roles we’ve observed observable in other examples? What’s missing?
  • Are there precursors or readiness factors for civic communications to successfully emerge?
  • What results when people are successful in creating civic communications systems?

JTM’s Developmental Evaluation team is preparing for the third phase of its work, during which we will focus on understanding the outcomes of civic communications – what results manifest for communities, for social change and social justice, for the changing communication landscape, for the field of journalism and for journalists and other storytellers and communications practitioners.

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Here are some links to ongoing conversations that JTM and our allies are having where we continue to explore the evolution of civic communications for thriving communities:

__Elevate Engagement: Communities and Journalism taking listening, connection and trust to the next level – May 18–21, 2017 at Agora Journalism Center, Portland,__ Oregon – a follow-up to the 2015 conference, with emphasis on: How can the public engage, not as an audience, consumers or marketplace, but as participants, with journalists, in creating and sharing local news and information?

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Our toolkit – available on our __website__, through which you can consult with us for conference organizing, innovation generation, engagement training, and coaching.

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